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Upholstery Cleaning Mississauga

It is essential to realize that upholstered furniture needs good maintenance, so it’s essential to provide high quality upholstery cleaning service that ensures – Suitable Cleaning is commenced according to the nature of fabric and detect spot or stain on upholstered furniture and clean them from their roots using best know-how. The Cleaning process here varies depending upon the nature of upholstery and include – Sanitizes upholstery to eradicate morbid bacteria that can spread illness, reduces common allergens from dust mites, pests, pollen and more and also provide fabric deodorizing and protection including Upholstery Cleaning Mississauga service. Towards the end there is application of special protective coating to augment the appearance of upholstery and protect the fabric from wear, tear and spills.

City Carpet Care are experienced in cleaning the best of upholstered fabrics. The following important steps are taken in cleaning your upholstery.

  • Pre-Inspection: Our technician work by performing special tests to ascertain the content of fabric. The content will determine what type of cleaning solutions and procedures will be used and point out any likely permanent stains or areas of concern.
  • Formulation: We prepare the area where the upholstery will be scrubbed to protect your neighboring furnishings.
  • Pre-Vacuum: All upholstered furniture including cushion are vacuumed fully before cleaning. This step helps removing soils and any loose particles from gaps and crevices.
  • Pre-Treat: Depending on the fabric, a special mixture designed for fabric kind and the soiling condition will be used to emulsify the soil.
  • Spot Identification: Difficult spots are pre-treated with extraordinary solutions to boost chances of removal.
  • Pre-Groom: The fabric will be tenderly groomed using soft brushes to help loosen the soil.
  • Extraction and Wash: The soil & dust is extracted from the fabric with a soothing, monitored rinse.
  • Neutralize: The fabric is then pH-balanced to sustain its gentle, fresh feel.
  • Stain Removal: Any stains remaining will get additional treatment with special solutions.
  • Speed Dry: High-velocity air movers are positioned after cleaning to stimulate faster drying.
  • Post-Cleaning Assessment: Our technician will examine the cleaning results with you to make certain that your anticipations have been met.

Why City Carpet Care


Our aim is to provide with the best cleaning service, which is why we propose residential upholstery cleaning service to our clients. Keeping home clean is about more than just vacuuming the furniture, it is also about upholding and cleaning all the upholstery in home. Dust and contaminants can get into any upholstery due to regular use and due to this, it’s essential to have all furniture consistently cleaned and maintained by a professional. We carefully examine the creation of the upholstery and pay extraordinary attention to any areas of unease to guarantee the proper cleaning techniques are utilized. We clean the upholstery with the most recent, advanced, fabric-safe products and use heavy-duty extraction kit to eradicate stains and soil from your furniture.


Don’t replace upholstery when it on the verge of becoming dingy and sullied. The type of stain or the style of fabric doesn’t matter when it comes to professional cleaning. Our expert technicians know how to cope with every fabric and every conceivable issue. Dust, pollen, food crumbs, and stains get deep-seated into the upholstery, to eliminate these contaminants and preserve the quality of financing.

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