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Upholstery Cleaning Toronto

Upholstery cleaning is often neglected, but it is very vital that it is done on the regular basis. Upholstered furniture is easily damaged and traps dirt, dust, dander and body oil. When you visit someone’s home and asked to sit down on their couch, that looked dreary and dirty, deep down inside you just feel and know that your clothes are going to get dirty or you could caught attention of the bug. Thus, by cleaning upholstery one can keep germs, bacteria and allergens at bay.

Whether residential or commercial, furniture is used daily and it is continuously exposed to all types of elements. All these pollutants surround themselves into the fibers of furniture and are discharged during everyday activities. If we talk about sofa, sofa steam cleaning can help get rid of these pollutants and kill dust mites and bacteria and offer cleaner air quality in home. Dirty upholstery is detrimental for family as the dirt and pollutants can wear and tear the fabric and make your home look unpleasant.

By having upholstery steam cleaning service operated by a professional will help one eliminate:

  • Bacteria
  • Bad Odours
  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Dust Mites
  • Mould and Mildew
  • Pet Dander
  • Pollutants
  • Stains


Leather furniture can last for many years if it is taken proper care. Upholstery Cleaning Toronto professionals can confiscate stains and soiling without causing needless damage. They will treat the leather with all the that are non-toxic and safe for family and pets.


Why City Carpet Care

When choosing the most qualified, experienced and skillful upholstery cleaning service providers in Toronto, one shouldn’t have a second thought but City Carpet Care service providers. We provide same day couch steam cleaning, lounge safety and sofa cleaning services. Whether it’s your favorite sofa, favorite couch or your super lovable rocking chair, we have capability to clean and make them dirt free again. We recognize that how these items are so close to your family and how a sofa can hold a thousand of memories like marking child’s first birthday on it and so on.

To never let go of those memories we offer our cleaning services which makes household upholstery pieces just like new. You don’t have to be concerned about your cleaning needs and straightway call us with your needs and our team will handle the situation. We use the finest cleaning techniques and are team is always fitted out with maximum cleaning machines and products.

We offer a wide selection of cleaning service. Our services are not only limited to basic upholstery housework but extends to sofa cleaning, couch cleaning, rug cleaning etc. We offer the best services in the area and are known for all our exclusive matchup as:

  • Our services kill all the mites and bugs
  • Steam cleaning makes all upholstery items just like new
  • Full pressure water cleaning of upholstery items helps getting rid of all the dust and dirt inside out
  • Making use of the best cleaning products
  • Technologically advanced upholstery cleaning machines and equipment are used to eliminate all sorts of stains
  • Services being offered in both residential and commercial areas
  • 24/7 services available all year

When it comes to upgrading the maintenance of the upholstery, the expert hand is always asked for and we provide the residents with the best team.

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